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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Anyone who thinks that Cuba is a wonderful place and poor misunderstood Fidel is the target of disinformation at the hands of America should read this. A story about the testimony given by Alcibiades Hidalgo. Some highlights:

Alcibiades Hidalgo, who arrived in South Florida on July 29, said many aspects of daily life in Cuba could produce a "social explosion" at any time."There is lot of concern among the elite that this could occur," said Hidalgo, who also served as chief of staff to Defense Minister Raul Castro, brother of the Cuban leader.

But I thought Cuba was a classless Socialist paradise. How could there be an elite?

Hidalgo said virtually all Cubans have access to the country's cost-free health care system but many basic medicines have not been available for years.

All Leftists would like to pin this on America. But, always remember, we are the only country that maintains an emargo against Cuba. The economic programs of Cuba are not our fault.

When Hidalgo fled the island, he was the No. 2 official at the newspaper Trabajadores, a publication designed to appeal to Cuban workers. He said he decided to leave because there was no opportunity to espouse views that differ from those of Fidel Castro.

Exactly the type of Socialist paradaise that the Marxists here would like to see. Instead of having to rant and offer insufficient proof and lies to counter the truth they can just supress it.

Hidalgo shares the Bush administration's view that congressional attempts to end curbs on Americans' travel to Cuba, if approved, would be an economic windfall for Cuba and a "gift for Fidel." The U.S. economic embargo against Cuba aggravates the island's problems, he said, but he believes Castro's socialist policies are principally to blame, something he did not say when he was ambassador to the United Nations in 1992-93. Then he followed the party line by identifying the embargo as the culprit.

"The truth," he said Monday, "is otherwise."

Nothing I can add to that.

Hidalgo disagreed with Cuba's policy of using its U.N. mission as an espionage hub. He estimated that 90 percent of the 50 to 60 personnel working there were spies, but he was not told details of their activities.

What other anti-American activities can the UN sponsor/support/enable?

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