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Sunday, August 11, 2002

Another self-hating Uncle Tom. "we do not need reparation. our forebears were either participants, accomplices on silent watchers in the slave trade business. So we do not need to ask for reparation." Who is the house-slave wannabe that would dare to speak such heresy? President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, speaking of the clamor among African nations seeking reparations for slavery. Does that mean Sudan has to pay reparations to itself? What about the slavery within Africa and the Middle East long after the slavery was abolished in the West? Are they going to get Reparations from Saudi Arabia?

He leaves the question of reparations for those transported to America up to the Americans. "for those Africans whose forebears were shipped across the atlantic like you (Barbadoans), yes, you may be justified in asking for reparation. But not those of us still on the other side of the Atlantic." But cautions the it could have consequences. "If they (the west) pay reparation, who will claim it. How will it be shared? Can the payment be a flat rate to all (victims)?", pointing out that, "those are some basic questions that we have to answer." He explained further that the demand for reparation may trigger off a chain of world disquiet as several racial groups have suffered one form of injustice on the other from people of other races. "if we press Europe to pay reparation, Europe will press the Jews to pay and the jews may also press the Romans to pay them, observing that the resultant confusion wil be endless and complex. He told the commission, "we should take what is practicable and relevant and pursue it relentlessly."

At least, unlike black 'leaders' in America, he seems capable of seeing the basis of reparations as something to debate and consider. I wonder if Dyson would have the guts to launch personal attacks on Obasanjo for having the temerity to pose such questions.

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