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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Why doesn't ABC just come right out and tell us that they don't think al-Qaeda and bin Laden are such bad folk as the rest of us think? Instead they give us a story about how some in Afghanistan remember the terrorists with nostalgia.

He described a good cop, bad cop, scenario in which the al-Qaida men would politely remind neighbors, shopkeepers and other to not play music, not to shave their beards and to keep their women covered head to toe in obedience to Taliban laws. Failure to obey would court a visit from the rigid Taliban police who whipped or beat offenders into submission.

"I was playing music once and my neighbor heard it," said Dawood. "He came over and said I should turn it off but he was very polite. I turned it off fast."

Ha Ha, those wacky al-Qaeda. First they kindly tell you what to do then if you disobey they come beat you. Then along came those damn Americans trying to tell them they can live their lives freely without being beaten for listening to the radio.

Then there is this relativistic little piece of rubbish:

The al-Qaida men, many who brought large families to Afghanistan, ... Their women shed the comparatively chic Arab veils to don the dowdy, all-encompassing burqa robes of the Afghans.

Dowdy? The burqa is dowdy?

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