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Friday, July 19, 2002

While we are on Stalinism and true police state murder let us not forget the gulags of North Korea.

"While I was there, three women delivered babies on the cement floor without blankets," Ms Soon told a Senate judiciary sub-committee chaired by the Democrat Edward Kennedy. "It was horrible to watch the prison doctor kicking the pregnant women with his boots. When a baby was born, the doctor shouted, 'Kill it quickly. How can a criminal expect to have a baby? Kill it.'

"The women covered their faces with their hands and wept. Even though the deliveries were forced by injection, the babies were still alive when born. The prisoner-nurses, with trembling hands, squeezed the babies' necks to kill them," Ms Soon said.

Ms Soon, who was first arrested in 1984, said she was tortured in pre-trial interrogation before being sentenced to a 13-year jail term for crimes against the state.

This is the government we should encourage with a 'Sunshine Policy'?

"There are 20 such cells for female prisoners and 58 cells for male prisoners. They are usually detained for seven to 10 days as punishment for certain offences, such as leaving an oily mark on clothes, failing to memorise the president's New Year message or repeated failure to meet work quotas.

"When the prisoners are released from the cells, their legs are badly bent, with frostbite in the winter, and so they can hardly walk. Many victims are permanently crippled from the lack of adequate exercise and eventually died as a result of the work resumed immediately after the release _

"In November 1989, I was detained in the punishment cell for a week for attempting to cover up a faulty piece of shirt made by a 20-year-old girl. The young girl was sent to the torture chamber and never seen again. Among other things, the freezing cold wind from the toilet hole made the experience extremely painful

The American media and university elites could spend more time educating their students what true dictatorship is but it would take time away from pointing out the evils of America.

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