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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Still spiralling toward chaos in Iran. The reformer side of the coalition governent (which recieved 70% of the vote last time out) is threatening to pull out.

In the wake of the latest crackdown, Iran's biggest reform party, the Participation Front -- headed by Mohammed Reza Khatami, President Khatami's younger brother -- has warned the political situation in Iran is so unstable the movement may withdraw from government entirely in protest. That would throw Iran into chaos and may force a final showdown between conservatives and reformers.

"Our continued participation in power and in the state is conditional on the realization of the demand and rights of people," Mr. Khatami told reporters at a news conference in Tehran on Sunday. "Otherwise, we will reach the point of decision and continue our activities from outside the structure, leaving a power which lacks a sufficient base of legitimacy."

I wonder what a popular uprising in Iran would do if it came before a strike on Iraq?

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