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Thursday, July 18, 2002

The Saudi Ambassador to the UK fulfilling his truth quota for the year writes a short letter to the Independent dismissing Bin Laden. This coming from the same person who writes glowingly of homicide bombers.

I wonder if he realizes how truthful he is being when he says: I must start by frankly admitting that Saudi Arabia has always been an efficient factory for the production of myths.

Listening to him, in some of his rambling interviews, I had the impression of a madman who thought he had defeated one superpower and was about to defeat the remaining superpower. I am not a psychologist, but both his words and actions reveal a man with dangerous illusions of grandeur. He is not interested in redressing Palestinian injustices or in getting the Americans out of the Gulf, although he finds it convenient to mention those two issues. What he wants is the destruction of America itself. I refuse to dignify his actions with any justification; he kills because he enjoys killing.

He's wrong of course. He is exactly the person who needs to respond to Bin Laden and tell the world (especially the Muslim world) that al Qaeda and those who spread similar philosophies are wrong and should be denounced.

Of course he didn't forget to add a bit of anti-Zionism to the mix.

To compare him with Yasser Arafat is an act of folly only Ariel Sharon can muster.

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