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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Mahathir may say some things that America doesn't like (and he sometimes he is a bi...hmmm...eccentric) and even criticises us at times but, among influential Muslims I don't think the US has a more honest defender. Also he is one of the few Muslim leaders to tell Muslims that Islam is having problems adapting to the modern world and that they need to look within and make some tough decisions. He may rail against Israel, at times, but spares no condemnation when denouncing suicide bombers, it is more than any other Muslim leader is willing to do. He admits changes need to made from within that blaming the world won't work and won't get them out of the darkness.

A reader sends this piece from Mahathir that was printed in the Straits Times.

We must accept the reality of life today. We cannot any more reject those things which have come to be used universally. Islam is not just a religion for the 7th century of the Christian era. It is a religion for all times.

With time, things change. After 1,400 years of Islam, we cannot expect to live in the same environment and under the same conditions as were found in the 7th century.

Islam has provided for this change, if only we interpreted Islam properly. Islam is not a rigid religion. There are many provisions in Islam to take care of all situations.

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