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Monday, July 08, 2002

Lance Armstrong is perhaps the greatest athlete of our generation. To come back from where he was (advanced testicular cancer which had spread as far as his lungs) to win three Tour de Frances in a row, is unbelievable. And it must just kill the Europeans, especially the French who are constantly insinuating that he is on steriods (and the French team he used to ride for dumped him when he was diagnosed with cancer), despite the fact that he has passed every drug test he has ever taken, that he constantly dominates the European riders.

Even more disconcerting for them must be the fact that he is a Texan, just like that simplisme Bush, who when not in his lycra bike shorts tends to wear jeans, cowboy boots and a Stetson. Plus he is pretty proud of being American.

We set off across the northern plains of France. I was the first American riding for an American team, on an American bike, ever to lead the Tour de France. That morning, I looked at the date: it was July 4.

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