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Thursday, July 18, 2002

Jimmy Carter's toadying to Castro really makes me sick.The moreso noe that I have begun a deeper reading into the Soviet Union and the truly unfree (not just in the minds of people like Chomsky and Kingslover) police state of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin. People like Castro and Mugabe considerthe rhetoric and methods of these beasts to be his ideal and the people of Cuba suffer as a result.

Here is an article that has the testimony of a real political prisoner (as opposed to a cop killer like Mumia Abu Jamal).

There was no bed, no blanket, no bathroom facilities. Only a cell and Eriberto Mederos, a politicized nurse working for Fidel Castro's communist regime who violently subdued prisoners with the help of two assistants before dispensing his own brand of treatment: electroshock therapy.

Where was Amnesty international, where was the UN, where were the newspapers and movie makers to apprise us of this? Where are they now as still more suffer similar fates even today? How Jimmy Carter and those like him can critisize the justice of America and turn around nd heap praise on torturers and murderers is beyond me. It cheapens everything they do and say and hurts any real causes they may take up.

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