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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

An Indian writer is under threat of death for writing about her experiences in Taliban ruled Afghanistan. For those who think that America is evil and hateful please let me know when the last time America hating writers need bodyguards to protect them from giovernment agents out to kill them. And just a tast of the Islamic Paradise that Islamists drem of:

"The Taliban wanted me to wear the burqa (veil) and convert to Islam," said Banerjee. "Because I refused they would beat me, and one day, they dragged me through the streets by my hair."

She tried twice to escape but was caught and imprisoned.

"The Taliban men said they would kill me because I had insulted Islam by not converting," said the author showing scars on her face, arms and soles of her feet, where she was repeatedly beaten with AK-47 rifles and bayonets.

Yet it would be wrong to consider our society better and superior in every way.

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