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Saturday, July 27, 2002

I think the end may be nigh for the Iranian hardliners. In a time where protesters are getting bolder and reformers are speaking openly of radical change in the parliment, a desperate move like this could result in open insurrection.

A hard-line Islamic court banned the leading opposition party Saturday and jailed more than 40 leaders for as long as 10 years each. The court said Freedom Movement leaders acted against national security with the intention of "overthrowing the establishment."

Where exactly are Kofi Annan, the Guardian, The NY Times and the Rev Jesse to wring their hands and worry about this most 'undemocratic' of moves? Javier SOlana is going to be there soon. I am sure that he won't but he should speak about this. The EU should, but won't, take these sorts of things into account when considering more trade with Iran.

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