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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

The Guardian gives a quick profile of Hamas

- Goal: An Islamic-ruled Middle East in which the Jewish state of Israel would be eliminated. Jews would be permitted to live in the Islamic empire as protected residents. In recent years, Hamas leaders have said they would consider a truce if Israel pulls out of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

- Methods: Since it was founded in 1987, Hamas has dispatched its believers to kill hundreds of Israeli civilians and soldiers with suicide bombings, remote-controlled bombs and gun attacks. Hamas suicide bombers have played a prominent role in the current conflict.

- Structure: Hamas leaders say the organization is divided into two separate parts: the military wing, called Izzadine al-Qassam, an underground movement responsible for attacks against Israel; and the political wing, in charge of Hamas public activity. The U.S. government has declared Hamas a terrorist organization.

- Support: Funding comes through contributions from the Arab world and Muslims elsewhere, including the United States. In Palestinian areas, especially in Gaza, Hamas has solidified its position by establishing social services, including kindergartens and schools.

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