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Monday, July 01, 2002

A good upbringing:

I suppose I had a deprived childhood. My mum and dad told me I should respect the law, be fair and just to others, work hard and be responsible. And not speak about things I really didn't understand. Which brings me to the people protesting globalization every time there is a summit.

Can lead to good common sense:

A worker who has lost his job because of an unscrupulous corporation has a right to be angry. A parent who sees his asthmatic child in pain because of pollution has a right to complain. A farmer who has lost his livelihood has a right to be incensed.

But I wonder if the protests are really about this. Logos, fashion, crass individualism, anti-Americanism, neurotic loathing of everything and anything, trendy anarchism, peer group identity, protest-style fetish.

I generalize. But no more than do those who detect the glow of saintliness around every student with a mask and a copy of Chomsky. I protest every day against injustice and cruelty. Don't always make a lot of noise or make the headlines, but I often get things done.

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