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Friday, July 19, 2002

From reader Rich Cook:

Loved yer post about the Chomsky - Kingsolver political prisoners vs. the real thing. Let Noam try, instead of having to suffer the privations of a high-paying tenureship under the ruthless Bush regime, a regimine of 'special labor' camps, a la Stalinism - where he would end up, if he were lucky, regardless of his eternal fawning towards the left. As you know from reading, no amount of brownnosing could save anyone under Uncle Joe. My favorite story from one of the bios of Iosif Dzhugashvili (by Edvard Radzinsky, and its a great one) is where he asks a general as he leaves Stalin's office, "You have a sidearm, don't you General?" "Of course, Comrade Stalin." "But yopu wouldn't use it on yourself, would you?" "Of course not, Camrade Stalin." "Very good." Imagine how it felt to leave like that. He wasn't arrested for one and a half years. Then of course shot. No pressure.

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