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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Even Kofi now says that there will be no further talks with Iraq unless they are prepared to let inspectors in.

''You will note that in Vienna I did not set another date, a date for another meeting saying that they should go back home and think about it and come back to me with a message that gives me reason to meet again,'' Annan said.
''And so we will see what happens. But as you know, we did not come to a successful agreement in Vienna, and of course, if they do not come back with indications that I'm looking or, then of course, we are not going to meet,'' he said.
Annan said he and Sabri agreed that the foreign minister would consult his government and ''come back to me with an indication that they are prepared to allow the inspectors, and then we can resume discussions.
''If they were to say 'no', if we were to come to no agreement, then of course the situation, which has existed since December 1998, when the inspectors left will continue to prevail,'' Annan said.

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