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Monday, July 29, 2002

But I thought all Cubans loved their Socialist Paradise.

A former U.N. ambassador and member of the Cuban Communist Party's Central Committee, Alcibiades Hidalgo Basulto, has fled his native country and is seeking political asylum in the United States.

And we wonder why the Left loves Cuba and Communism, Castro is a role model.

"There must be complete submission (in Cuba) to a single way of thinking, and anyone who expresses their own opinion is subjected to constant repression," Hidalgo said in the ABC interview.

And for those who think we should be more open with the regime:

He said the situation called for continued political isolation of the Castro regime, and added that it would be "very sad for the island if leadership was passed from Fidel to Raul Castro", who Hidalgo said was "unfit to succeed any ruler." Raul is "obsessed with power, repressive, with little intellect and without the ability to come up with solutions of his own for the country,"

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