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Monday, July 01, 2002

An asian group, 80-20, in California is going to be out hanging American flags all over Chinatown for the 4th of July. There is another ethnic group I can think of that should do something like this, but somehow I don't see many of them doing this. It's too bad. There truly are many Arab-Americans that love America but have fear from both sides. They are afraid of how Americans, in general, feel about them right now. And they are afraid of the more anti-American among them harassing them for any pro-America displays they may make.

"To hang up the American flags, maybe some people will see that as a small thing, but I think the meaning is significant," Hsueh said. "After 9/11, more than ever, we need to let people understand the immigrants here are members of America. We love America."

Others, like Ronald Takaki, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of California, Berkeley, agree with 80-20's goals. But Takaki wishes 80-20 would expand the project's message, emphasizing equality for all ethnic and racial groups. "As Americans, we have a commitment to make this nation live up to its founding principles for all Americans, not just Asian-Americans," Takaki said.

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