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Monday, June 24, 2002

This is why artists should have supported the US war to remove the Taliban. Or do they only jump on when it is their favored groups that are 'opressed'?

Furious at the wanton destruction, Hashem came up with the idea to disguise the remaining works, painting over the oil pieces with watercolor images of nature mountains, lakes and trees that did not offend the Taliban's sensitivities.

"We knew if they caught us, they would put us in jail or punish us. But it was my responsibility. I had a small opportunity and I used it. I was not afraid. Whether they caught us or not, I had to do this," Hashem said.

Working for weeks on end, the three men's daring rescue mission saved some 80 pieces from sure destruction.

"You must understand, a painting is like a child to an artist. It is like a son, so he must care for it like a son, Hashem said. "Some of these paintings are more than 100 years old. If they were lost, there would be nothing left of those who had died."

Facing death for your art is oppression. Not being told you are an unpatriotic America hater (while facing no threat of violence), when that is exactly what you are.

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