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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

These breathless reports of how Israeli aggression is forcing Palestinian youths to choose 'martyrdom' all miss a major piece of logic. They are exhorted to this act by older people who have no intention of doing it themselves.

"If you ask a little child what he wants to be, he doesn't say doctor or engineer, or businessman," says Iyad Sarraj, who has studied the phenomenon. "He says he wants to be a martyr."

I'm sure since 09/11 if you ask children in America what they want to be, a lot would answer firefighter or police officer. It is not a phenomenon, the news and schools and adults around the children constantly praise the efforts of those brave people and the children want to emulate them. That is what leads to their desire (either that or the blame America firsters would have to admit that like desperation make kids want to be suicide bombers America's culture of sacrifice and duty leads our kids to want to be teachers, doctors, cops, fire fighters and the like). In Palestine all of those same sources exhort young impressionale children to be suicide bombers and, behold, the children so wish it. Where is the phenomenon?

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