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Thursday, June 20, 2002

South Korean stupidity.

"I'm concerned that America is a country that only thinks about its own well-being," said Ahn, who hopes to attend Friday's match to cheer on the Germans."Korea has been hurt a lot by the United States, financially, in sports events and in other ways."

"...I think it is also natural for Korean people not to support the United States," she said. "There is still some bad feeling between us."

What?!? Fine, I am sure the 30,000 US soldiers keeping Kim il Jong from ruling 'eternally' over a united peninsula would love to come home and be closer to their families. While we are at it they can pay reparations for all of the dead US soldiers who kept South Korea from being overrun in the Korean War. If anyone should be less ungrateful and more appreciative of the US it is South Koreans.

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