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Saturday, June 01, 2002

Rebuilding Kabul. The media loved to tell of the hardship and fear faced by Afghans as the American War Machine rolled in. Yet somehow, now that it is over we don't see these stories making into the nightly news programs.

He offers promises: Fifty-four miles of streets will be illuminated by year's end. Trash pickup will resume this summer. There's even talk of recycling.

But still, it all depends on one thing: No more war.

``It's not easy to just put this city back together,'' said Najibullah, 32, working with a crew reconstructing the rocket-scarred Karte Seh Medical Hospital in western Kabul. ``Now that security is OK, we can rebuild. People in Kabul now feel a new feeling — that maybe we can begin living again.''

And lest we forget. It was American military might that brought that security to them.

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