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Monday, June 17, 2002

Palestian children catching on to the newest craze. Martyr neclaces.

"I used to have plenty of Pokémons — my school bag was half full of them," Saleh said. "I threw them all away. They're not important now. The pictures of martyrs are important. They're our idols."

What is it again that breeds suicide bombers? Desperation or constant praise and encouragement by parents?

Jabal said the children have lost all fear of Israeli soldiers and already go through dangerous lengths to imitate their militant models. Recently, Jabal's 15 year-old son was shot in the leg by soldiers after setting fire to an unoccupied tank. "I opened my son's closet and found it full of martyrs posters and necklaces. I said to him there's nothing wrong with being nationalistic and defending your rights, but you're just too young," Jabal said. "I said, `Ultimately, you'll be rewarded with your picture hanging from a necklace, and we will have lost a son.'"

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