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Friday, June 28, 2002

Look who is a 'prominent American civil rights advoocate':

Helga, wife of U.S. presidential candidate Lyndon Larouche, was delivering a lecture on "Clash or Dialogue Among Civilizations" at the Zayed Centre for Coord-ination and Follow-Up here[Abu Dhabi].

She came down heavily on Samuel Huntington's thesis on Clash of Civilizations, claiming that it was "an actual scenario of Anglo-American policy."

"Obviously Huntington knew very little about these civilizations. His evil theory serves to rationalize war against Islam. This theory could as well serve the Anglo-American interests in the Near and Middle East as well as South Asia," Larouche said.

She warned that if 'this evil scenario' was not checked, the danger could dramatically and negatively affect the mankind and future generations. If war on terror lasted 100 years, she added, human civilization would slide into such a dark age that it had never witnessed for hundreds of years.

"The torch of progress has not been carried by one single people or one civilization, nay, it is carried by different cultures at different times, each contributes to the state of development where we are using it today," advocates Larouche.

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