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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Joseph Nye explains why isolantionism, in defiance of a true 3 dimensional view of world power, can't work. I definitely agree with the general direction that Mr. Nye is proposing that America take in looking to the future. To ignore the proliferation of resources and capabilities that were once strictly in the domain of nation states and the cross-cutting currents would be very destructive. Of course, being a 'l'ibertarian (with very strong foreign policy views), I think that our best course is a freeer market, less restrictive and omnipresent government that blocks our free access to markets and drains off excessive amounts of capital from the productive sectors of the nation.

As Henry Kissinger has argued, the test of history for this generation of American leaders will be whether they can turn the current predominant power into an international consensus and widely-accepted norms that will be consistent with American values and interests as America's dominance ebbs later in the century. And that cannot be done unilaterally.

This is very true. We can't stop the tide of globalization so we should take a better lead in getting our values out there at the forefront. Our culture is at the forefront but giving them Brittney Spears without giving them the Constitution just won't do in the future.

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