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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

In a rather bold move the Boston Phoenix has posted the Danny Pearl video. The FBI is after them but I do think it is important that we see what hatred really means. We constantly hear groups in this country try to equate various causes they do not approve of with terrorists. This video makes graphically clear what it means to be a terrorist. It takes away the attempted weakening of such words as Nazism, racism, hatred, terrorism and hatred. Pim Fortuyn was not a racist for questioning the wisdom of allowing people who would support this type of thing to gain political power in the West.

The publisher of the Phoenix, Stephen M. Mindich, has this to say about posting it:
This is the single most gruesome, horrible, despicable, and horrifying thing I've ever seen. The outrage I feel as an American and a Jew is almost indescribable. If there is anything that should galvanize every non-Jew hater in the world -- of whatever faith, or of no faith -- against the perpetrators and supporters of those who committed this unspeakable murder - it should be the viewing this video.

That our government and others throughout the world, who have had this tape for some time, have remained silent is nothing less than an act of shame. We, as a nation and as individuals, should, at minimum, write the president and our congressional delegations and call for the immediate withdrawal of all support of any nation or group that does not loudly and resoundingly condemn this act and who does not openly commit itself to route out from its midst those who support this and other such heinous acts of pure, cold-blooded murder.

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