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Saturday, June 29, 2002

I won't get into a full blown diatribe on the school voucher decision. I will say that I think it was the right decision. And I think it is telling that the people most against it point to the places where it has failed on ballot initiatives. I wonder if those people would listen to the same arument on issues like the death penalty, abortion or gun control? Our Founders established a Constitutional Republic with three separate checked and balanced branches of government so we would not be ruled by the tryanny of the majority nor by the tyranny of the minority for that matter.

Debate the pros and cons of the issue. As for anything of this matter I think it best to listen to the people affected, and I have not seen one parent receiving the vouchers say that it has hurt their children instead I have seen parents. who love their children dearly, weep at the thought of them losing the chance for a good education over a politically motivated battle. The more that liberals keep up these attacks the more they will isolate groups they take advantage of and assume will always be there for them.

Not that Bush hasn't been running the same risk with some of his domestic decisions.

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