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Friday, June 14, 2002

I just saw the latest Mit Romney commercial. It was great he goes headfirst at the Dem's really pathetic attempt at getting him taken off the ballot, claiming he was a resident of Utah for one year. You know you are in trouble if the best first strike strategy you have is this. It just gives Mit a chance to say I spent alot of time in Utah saving the Olympics over the past few years. And that is just what he did. The Dems are in trouble and it doesn't help that there will be a gaggle of them beating the snot out of each other while before they even get to really deal with Romney.

If they can't take up issues they are run under. Both parties in this state are a joke. The Republicans get no national help because it is a hopeless cause there will never be a Republican Senator and the state will never give its electoral votes to a Republican president. Gore took more than 70% here. And the Democrats are just as disorganized for the opposite reason they own the state so why bother being coherent. Ted Kenndy doesn't need a party and nobody is running against Kerry. This personally disgusts me, how can a national party not even come up with one person to contest a Seantorial seat, sure it is nearly hopeless but it is shameful.

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