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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Frankly I'm skeptical about this. "Mullah Omar" has given an "interview" via email and claims bin Laden is alive and well. After so many videos and radio transmissions early on I am getting very doubtful about these faxes, emails, pamphlets and flyers. I don't know if I am convinced bin Laden is dead, maybe he has sustained serious enough injuries that he can't give live interviews. Being out of the public eye is not a good strategy for him. Lying low like this will not rally the 'Arab Street' to rise and overthrow those regimes he wants to see gone. It just doesn't seem to be good strategy for him if he is capapble of proving his continued existence. The tens of thousands of Pakistanis that went to Afghanistan are now disillusioned and his words don't hold the weight they did. Where once paraphanalia sporting his face was selling like mad it is no longer selling. He called them to his side in Afghanistan with ppromises of vitory then he headed for "ze hills". How likely are they to come running a second time. Kashmir is a different matter, it was an issue before Osama came and will remain on for the forseeable future.

And, I couldn't care less about Mullah Omar he was a poor copy of Theodon (to Bin Laden's Wormtongue), zealous, pitiful and vain to begin with delusional and vainglorious to begin with but now defeated and in hiding.

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