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Saturday, June 08, 2002

Afghanistan's newly found freedom of press is leading to a bloom of papersand magazines in Kabul. More than 100 since the Taliban fell. Families are snapping up once-banned TVs and DVDs. Every day brings another sign of the deepening freedom of expression: a concert; a nascent writers union; even the clomp of two-inch platform shoes, sported by women who were forbidden by the Taliban to make any sound as they walked.

Maybe we do have reason to be somewhat optimistic about what they can acheive:

"Up until now, there is not the question of (the papers making) money," notes Mobarez. "They publish ideas."..."In 23 years of war, people listened to the BBC, the Voice of America. It's a nation of politicians," Mobarez declared. "They are illiterate but politicians."

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