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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Sunds like Iran is getting worried about the 'restless youth' who are fed up with Ayatollah rule. They are cracking down on young people having fun in a 'Wesetern' way.

Roadblock manned by the Basiji volunteers, an Islamic police force answerable only to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, have sprung up again on the streets of Tehran, after an absence of almost two years. Their targets are "juvenile delinquents", by which they mean unmarried couples travelling in the same car to the sound of taped music which lacks the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance's seal of approval. The culprits are hauled off to be charged by police who are obliged, albeit reluctantly in some cases, to follow up on the Basijis' complaints. The woman may well find herself sent to a court-approved doctor for a virginity test, which if negative can mean her being obliged to marry her companion or be flogged for having extramarital sex.

This will only aid in speeding toward the time when the youth of Iran will rise up. I really hope our government is working with or at least talking to some of the dissident groups.

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