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Thursday, May 30, 2002

PJ O'Rourke has a great one about terrorism and what we need to do.

You see, what I want is a world where Osama bin Laden calls up one of the members of his sleeper cells - somebody who has been sent to the United States to live like an ordinary person, who has been here for years and years - and I want Osama bin Laden to call that guy up and have the guy answer the phone and say, "Osama, oh, good to hear from you. Blow up Paris on Thursday? Gee, Osama, I'd love to, but Thursday the kid has got her ballet recital. If you're late for something like that, they never forgive you. Friday? Friday is no good. I've got to see my mom off on her Bermuda cruise in the morning. It's Fatima's yoga day. I've got a big golf match at the club. And Saturday is out; we're driving out to the Hamptons for the weekend.''

You see, we've all got to do our duty in these times. Our foremost duty is to make everyone on Earth fat, happy, self-indulgent and terribly overscheduled on their social calendars. Ladies and gentlemen, I say to you that it is your duty as libertarians to go make a huge pile of money as soon as you can.

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