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Friday, May 24, 2002

Much has changed since 9/11, when 19 lunatics, drunk with perverted beliefs of martyrdom, turned hijacked airplanes into missiles of mass destruction, took the fastest way to hell, and left Americans aghast. Thousands of innocent civilians died that day, and their deaths forever changed the lives of countless more loved ones.

On that same portentous day a new America was born; less free, more vigilant, less tolerant, more afraid, less trusting, more patriotic, less safe, uncharacteristically vulnerable and, President Bush would add, more prayerful. Eight months later, the tragedy still defies reason and remains incomprehensible. How could anyone commit such a morally despicable, dastardly act?

Incapable of understanding how or why, we wonder: Could it happen again?

The answer, from the president on down, is an unqualified yes. Who's next? The answer is: It could be anybody, anywhere, anytime. Life in our new America is about to become more unpredictable; an unsettling similarity to life in the Middle East.
Juan Andrade muses.

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