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Friday, April 12, 2002

We are all very good at eloquently expressing outrage at the stupidity shown by such people the Nobel Paece Prize Committee, the Norwegien Parliment, Rep McKinney and all of the rest. However, occasionally it behooves us to write thank you's to ackowledge those who do the right thing even when it may cost them. You are not going to change the world, but you may make that person's day and give them a little hope that despite the shrill reactionary voices trying to shout them down there is a much deeper and quiter voice that appreciates them and their actions.

In the spirit of that, here is a web page that links to email and contact addresses for world leaders. Those leaders that have been most vocal in their support of US action are Britain, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, The Czech Republic, Pakistan, Russia and Japan.

World Leaders Contacts

Tony Blair's email address is not on the page, but he can be reached c/o the Labour Party's email.

On the home front, some of the Senators who have stood up for the right thing despite the position of their parties are:

Zell Miller, stood up for Judge Pickering despite a horrid smear campaign.

Jim Breaux, stood up for Pickering and voted against CFR

Ben Nelson voted against CFR

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