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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

The UN Human Rights Commission apparently endorses Jihad. Even the Germans couldn't abide the resolution. "The text contains formulations that might be interpreted as an endorsement of violence," said Walter Lewalter, the German ambassador to the commission. "There is no condemnation whatsoever of terrorism." The Candian representative took a hard stand too "The failure of the resolution to condemn all acts of terrorism, particularly in the context of recent suicide bombings targeting Israeli civilians, is a serious oversight which renders the resolution fundamentally unacceptable," said Marie Gervais-Vidricaire, Canada's ambassador to the commission. "There can be no justification whatsoever for terrorist acts."

This is despicable. I support the formation of a peaceful Palestinian homeland, but for a UN Commission to call for more terror, is just the ultimate in irresponsibility and malicousness.

Why is it that it is very clear what the 'Arab Street' chanting in massive Anti-Israeli Anti-American rallies mean when they chant 'Give us Jihad'. Are they chanting they want a spiritual journey of conquest as the apologists on TV always tell us? The very graphic placards explaining just who they want dead and costumes (little girls dressed as suicide bombers) lead me to think otherwise. We all know it is a charged word that can hold different meanings in different contexts but why is America denounced when using crusade and no mention is made of calls for a jihad? Again it goes to infatilizing Muslim corwds. By doing that people are implying that it is alright that they use it to mean a Holy War against the West, becuase they are not a sophisticated as we are so they can't be denounced for it.

And on chanting crowds, why do we never see Tibetans and their supporters out waving guns and little kids dressed as suicide bombers and placards calling for death to Jiang Zhamin? They are a third world people that are oppressed and occupied.

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