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Monday, April 29, 2002

So why would the Israelis block the UN team investigating The Jenin probe? Lets dissect the make-up og the panel.

First is Dr. Helena Ranta. She investigated a 'massacre' in Yugoslavia. It turns out her findings were a bit suspect.

Next we have Cornelio ""If we're going to have the Shield of David, why would we not have to accept the swastika?" Sommaruga. Head of the Red Cross for 12 years. More on the Red Cross The Idler

Heading the group is Martii Ahtisaari who was a prominent member at the Durban Conference where he gave this speech.

Sadako Ogata was the UN High Commissioner for Refugees from 1991-2001. And....well.....we know what kinds of reolutions are passed from commissions like this when it comes to Israel. Not to mention that the UNCHR was the organizer of the Durban Conference.

The two last minute additions are:

Thomas Peter Fitzgerald, who headed the UN international police force in Bosnia. Fitzgerald was also part of the UN police missions to Namibia, El Salvador and Cambodia.

And Retired US Major General Bill Nash. Bill Nash commanded the US Army 1st Armored Division from 1995 to 1997, when he was Commander of Task Force Eagle, a multinational division of the NATO-led Peace Implementation Force in Bosnia-Herzegovina. General Nash commanded an armored brigade in Operation Desert Storm and led an armored cavalry platoon in Vietnam. General Nash retired from the US Army in 1998, after 34 years of service, and was a visiting fellow and visiting lecturer at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Since January 1999, General Nash has been director of NDI's global Civil-Military Programs.

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