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Friday, April 12, 2002

Powell is not going to meet Arafat. This is the first time the US has shown some spine since Powell left. Under no circumstances should an escalation in terror lead to a meeting with Arafat. By constatntly lowering demands we are removing Arafat's responsibility. "You don't have to stop (or try to stop) the attacks and you don't have to come out and tell them publicly to stop and that this will not work - we will just have a photo-op meeting with you where you can lecture our Secretary of State about how you are under attack." We never should have let up pressure on Arafat after September 11th.

As for the Palestinian leader, Fleischer said, "Today would be a very good day for Yasser Arafat to publicly denounce terrorism and show some statesmanship."

Earlier, Powell took a tough stand on what he wanted from Arafat, who is cooped up in Ramallah under Israeli-imposed isolation.
"What is important now is not just rhetoric going on into the air with no effect but action -- action that will bring this violence under control, action that will give a feeling of hope to the people in the region," he said.

I just hope they mean it.

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