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Thursday, April 11, 2002

In recent months Victor David Hanson has become my favorite author. The depth of his historical knowledge and ability to bring it to bear on what is happening around the world today is incomparable. I would recommend him to any who wish to get a better perspective on history and its relationship to the modern world. His writing leads you on a well documented journey that builds to revelations that (even if it is something that I already know) often makes me put the article down and spend a few minutes absorbing the implications. It feels almost like being walked through a mentat computation. I know this all sounds rather worshipful, but in the past few months of reading Hanson I have learned more than I have from any other single author.

Here is his most recent. An older article called "Back to the Future" is an outstanding look at some of the early aspects of the Israel Palesstine issue.

Victor David Hanson

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