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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

I want to be black-balled by the anti-warbloggers, too. In hopes of that I tender my solution to the Middle East.

I just had a revelation. The clouds parted and the voice of God/Allah/Jehovah spoke directly unto me (Don't give your dessert to your brother. Give it to me!). I have the solution to the Palestinian issue. It works out great. It makes the Palestinians feel good because they win and the Israelis feel good because a bunch of anti-Semites get it and the Palestininas leave them alone. The Palestinians declare war on France. When the French immediately tender their surrender, the Palestinians move in. They get their homeland and all the EU nations that are so supportive of the Palestinian cause get them as their new neighbors (with the occasional EU Presidency held by President-General Arafat). The Israelis get rid of them as neighbors and the anti-Semite French get humiliated again. Then the Israelis can turn the entire West Bank into a mined DMZ to keep out the rest of the Middle East.

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