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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

A good in depth look at disaffection and fear in Europe and whow it aided LePen.

Like most French immigrants, Pastor Sema Ounate-Lare would no more vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen than spit on the flag. But unlike most, he knows exactly why people do. "People are feeling very exposed to violence," he says. "People who are living here are fearful in the night." The African-born minister and his English wife, Jane, live and work in Belleville, a migrant suburb far removed from the Paris of the tourist guidebooks. Rubbish piles up in the streets and graffiti covers the housing commission walls. Crime is on the rise, and a local police station has recently lost its only car due to budget cutbacks.

Respected pundit Dominique Reynie, from the Centre for Political Science in Paris, said: "He's the first candidate to really talk to this electorate. You know, the French like revolution. It's part of our spirit, part of our history. It's not impossible that Le Pen wins the vote."

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