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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Being a Catholic here in Boston, I really should share some thoughts on the scandal that has its roots here in the Hub. Knowing that Bernard Cardinal Law is part of the problem, I hope Andreww Sullivan is right that the meeting at the Vatican siganls his eventual demise. Beyond this I am still in some turmoil, there needs to be change, but at the same time, our Church is not a democracy where we pick and choose the tenents we want to believe. At the same time there are definitely some things that need to change, I just don't feel I am ready to share my thoughts on it yet. Other than to say that the Justice Department and State Attorney Generals need to be involved and those who knowingly covered up and allowed these priests to continue their crimes should face the law of the land.

I have a great deal of respect for the Bishop in Ireland who admitted that to begin the process of healing he had to step aside. It showed a great strength and willingness to put his faith before himself. I find Cardinal Law's behaviour an indication that he thinks himself bigger than the Church and his faith.

The AP has is a good primer on the situation under each Cardinal.

Having said that, I grew up in an Italian (I am third generation) family and spent a number of years in Catholic schools and for it recieved a fantastic education that was imparted by a fantastic string of very good and wise preists and nuns who loved their calling. Despite the views that non-Catholics have of what must happen in these schools, there is an atmosphere of tolerance. We openly learned and discussed other religions in a positive light. We were treated as young adults responsible for our actions in and out of school.

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