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Thursday, July 03, 2003

What part of the thousands of students being beaten and jailed and every independent media source being closed down does this German boob not get?

President of the German Parliament Wolfgang Thierse on Thursday voiced his rejection of ongoing American threats against Tehran while praising Iran's attempts to establish Islamic democracy.

"Iran is an extremely exciting country, an interesting example. It's trying to link the faith in Islam with the democratization process. Where else can you find this? Iran is a valuable example," Thierse said in an interview with Berlin-based Tagesspiegel.

"This experiment should not be ended from the outside by threats, fomenting an open civil war or a democratization war," Thierse added, referring to America's continuing hardline interventionist policies vis-a-vis Iran.

Did he miss the shutting down of every democratic reform that has been attempted? The total lack of human rights? Does he not know that the Council of Guardians must approve every candidate that can run for Parliament? Did he miss the jailings of people doing polls that don't come out the way Rafsanjani and Khameini want? Ah yes. Exciting. The excitement of not knowing exactly when you will say the wrong thing that will get you jailed, tortured and killed.

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