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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I would like to see every city council that "supports the troops" while opposing the war do this to prove how much they support the men and women in the field.

Marine Lance Cpl. Clayton Colman could well become one of the most popular men in his unit, thanks to the folks in his hometown of Medicine Bow.

Town officials in April formally "adopted" Colman's unit - Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment - as part of the America Supporting Americans Adopt-A-Unit program.

Last week, about a dozen Medicine Bow residents gathered in the Village Square to discuss "what the guys would like to have and how we're going to do it," according to Pat Paules, who is on the City Council.

She said the unit, based in Twentynine Palms, Calif., has 180 men and a commanding officer.

Medicine Bow, meanwhile, has a population of 274, "so it's kind of like each person adopting a guy," Paules said.

The town is one of 45 cities in 18 states, and the first in Wyoming, to adopt a unit through the program.

The Medicine Bow group compiled a list of items it hopes to send to Charlie Company. The list was wide-ranging, from treats such as cookies, hard candy and Kool-Aid to more practical items like sunblock, bug spray and cotton socks.

Don Mayfield, who is also on the City Council, made a key to the city that will be presented to the unit. The group also plans to send medallions to its adopted Marines.

On the front will be the Medicine Bow town seal, complete with the spelling error that it has included since its inception. The town's name on the seal is spelled "Medecine Bow," according to Paules.

She said the back of each medallion will include the words "adopted son," as there are no women in the unit.

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