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Thursday, July 03, 2003

For someone is free to be the President of South Africa because of international pressure and condemnation Thabo Mbeki comes across as quite the hypocrite.

"It's incorrect really to be saying that we should stand outside the borders of Zimbabwe and decide what the Zimbabweans should do about their own country," Mbeki told reporters in the northern resort town of Ocho Rios.

Asked whether he would push Mugabe to hold elections to insure a peaceful transition of power, Mbeki said "That's their decision. The future of Zimbabwe needs to be decided by the Zimbabweans."

Millions are in danger of dying in a Mugabe-made famine. Tens if not hundreds of thousands are threatened with torture, rape and death by Mugabe backed gangs. The economy is in death spiral with inflation rates approaching 400. Harare is now having water shortages. But, Thabo figures, we should wash our hands of the situation and just sit by and watch. Maybe have some dialogue with the man responsibe for all of the death and despair. Lovely.

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