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Thursday, June 26, 2003

This is drawing a fine line.

The U.N.'s nuclear agency says unearthed items from Baghdad's original nuclear weapons program appear to back its assertion that the program was not reactivated.

U.N. inspectors have said all along that their searches turned up no solid evidence supporting the Bush administration's claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and must be dealt with militarily.

This is not proof that the program was not operative right now. We know that the program was operative as of 1995 when Hamza defected. Which means this had been in the ground for 4 years while Saddam's nuclear program was operative. Likewise it is certainly no smoking gun that the program was operation at the moment. What it is definitive proof of is that Saddam planned on persuing his nuclear ambitions as soon as he got rid of the inspectors and sanctions.

It is also a bit damning. An Iraqi nuclear scientist that was apparently not in thrall to Saddam had this important piece of banned WMD production gear in his backyard the whole time the UN inspectors were 'scouring' the country, yet they never uncovered it or got information from the scientist.

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