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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Okay, the UN terrorism committee claims to have found no link between Iraq and al Qaeda. But once you read their rationale this claim becomes somewhat questionable.

"Nothing has come to our notice that would indicate links between Iraq and al-Qaida," said Michael Chandler, the committee's chief investigator.

"It had never come to our knowledge before the Powell's speech, and we never received any information from the United States for us to even follow-up on," said Abaza Hassan, a committee investigator

Powell insisted in his presentation that Saddam Hussein's regime was allowing a senior al-Qaida member named Abu Musab Zarqawi to operate from Baghdad. Zarqawi has been indicted for the murder of a U.S. diplomat in Jordan on Oct. 28, 2002.

The alleged connections were cited by the administration as one of the key reasons for going after Saddam.

But the committee saw no need to even investigate Zarqawi's movements. The Jordanian indictment does not refer to Zarqawi as having been a member of al-Qaida.

A couple of things first. No mention of the letters that show Bin Laden assaciates met with Iraqi regime members just prior to the 1998 Embassy bombings in Africa. Secondly, no mention that there are still, literally, millions of documents in Iraq that have yet to be translated and studied.

Beyond that they seem to be saying "The US didn't feel the need to provide us information and saw no need to look into any possible ties between al Qaeda and Iraq". So it seems that it is not a matter of it is not there. Rather, it appears as a matter of the committee not even bothering to put in the effort to explore the notion.

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