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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Morocco is taking a closer look at the education system in the wake of the bombings which appear to have been a domestic terrorist organization.

Moroccan national education and youth minister, Habib El Malki, has held a series of meetings with the ministry's representatives in Moroccan regions and with directors of academies.

The official said the terrorist attacks that shook Casablanca on May 16 are making it necessary for Morocco to reconsider its management of schools, adopting more pedagogical rigor and a different approach in order to make of schools a space open to hope and shield the society against all kinds of drifts.

The minister called the education officials to be more vigilant in managing pedagogical issues in order to avoid that schools be exploited for ends that contradict its lofty educational mission. He noted that a modern education system should be instilling the values of positive co-existence and gender equality.

He further praised the initiative taken by Moroccan schools to observe on May 22 a sit in to promote the youth awareness of the dangers of terrorism and said this drive was an opportunity to denounce the dastard acts and renew adherence to the values that should form the foundations of the Moroccan society.

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