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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

This writer in Malaysia gets it.

The fact that Syria is the next target of criticism after Iraq proves what most objective academics have said that the war in Iraq was a follow-up of Afghanistan, and in reality an ideological war against terrorism.

The fact is the war is against terrorist symphatisers - people who even harbour thoughts of condoning Sept 11, 2001. The fact is that the US has so far been only tolerant of actions in other countries and against its embassies abroad.

It’s not about oil, it’s not against Muslims. It’s about making states live up to their promise about not tolerating random violent acts no matter what their grievances are.

The reason why North Korea is not now the most immediate target is simply because North Korean is mostly defensive and has always stated that it will strike the US only if its threatened.

Their current willingness to back away from their nuclear programme in exchange for benefits proves that they are more worried about clinging to power than they are about threatening the US.

The truth is there is a lot of anti-American and anti-western sentiments that condone violent actions and governments like Syria, Libya and even allies like Saudi Arabia are closeted symphatisers.

Their refusal to clamp down and their allowance of safe harbour for terrorists is no longer tolerated by the US.

The truth is that no matter what wrong the US have done in the past, it never justified the attack on World Trade Centre and this series of war is meant to make the point clear to everyone.

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