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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

This is not a good sign.

A local militia opposed to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein took control of the southeastern city of Amara Sunday but a CIA officer told them to withdrew under threat of bombing, opposition officials said Tuesday.

The militia of several thousand armed men, led by a man by the name of Abu Hatem Mohammed Ali, captured the headquarters of the governorate, 230 miles southeast of Baghdad, without support from U.S. forces, opposition leader Kanan Makiya told the American Enterprise Institute in Washington.

I would be more skeptical if it wasn't coming from Makiya. I can understand that at the moment we don't want to lose control of the situation and that can happen if we give the opposition forces too much free reign. But, we should not set ourselves in a position of friction with these forces. I hope there is more to this story.

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