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Thursday, April 17, 2003

More on Castro's crackdown. Still no word from Castro's 'elite' Hollywood Guard. No denunciations from them about the compete lack of rights possessed by Cubans. No screeches about the lack of freedom of speech and the silencing of dissent. No calls for 'debate' with those who oppose Castro. Buncha hypocrites. Just remember how much these assholes fawn over Castro the next time they whine about how terrible America is and how wrong and how much their freedom to dissent is being crushed (while they speak on TV with millions watching). Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? The 'voices for those who are voiceless'? Every one of these Leftists are nothing but morally bankrupt tyrant fluffers. At least the isolationist right can claim it's none of our business so why have anything to say about it. But these Leftists so full of 'compassion' for all humanity, these 'citizens of the world', who so easily 'feel the pain' of others continue their silence about Castro's repression while praising the killer as a visionary and role-model for all. Remember that this is the man they admire and look to as a role-model, remember that when you walk into a voting booth or you see this people campaigning for some candidate they support.

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