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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Kofi thinks that lots of free aid to North Korea can help rebuild their economy. First of all, that is a joke. Only a move away from Kim's Stalinist government will do that. Mass murder and the exploitation of the entire population does not make for an environment where any type of economy can be stable. Second, just what we need, a richer and more prosperous Kim Jong-il. I'm sure that Kofi will assure us that all that extra economic power would work wonders for the oppressed of North Korea. When in truth it would just buy Kim more weapons, more tunnels, a bigger army, more food for his army and nastier things with which to murder the people of North Korea.

This is the relativistic fallacy that the UN has come to stand for. If only we rebuilt North Korea for Kim then everything would be fine. It is just a different culture, it is not our place to judge it. We must accept it and everything will be happy. Just ignore the millions who have died under Kim's boot-heel and the millions starving to death because of Communist collectivist policies, ignore the hundreds of thousands dying in death camps, ignore the hundreds of thousands who risk thier lives by trying to hide in China and Mongolia. The UN does and so should you, that is the message.

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